Matrix Students

Learning can be challenging at times, even for the brightest and most motivated student.

We understand all students are unique in their own ways, each with a different set of skills and needs in learning. Matrix’s mission is to equip our students with the tools they need in order to achieve success. Our competency-based program is an integral part in preparing them to be successful in work, college, and life

At Matrix, Students Develop:

Study skills

  • Organization of material for projects, note-taking, reading for different purposes and understanding assignment requirements.

Learning Skills

  • Awareness of task demands, flexibility, learning preferences, awareness of learning process and self-evaluation.

Planning Skill

  • Ability to design a plan of strategies for meeting learning needs and carry out a plan systematically and sequentially

Life Skills

  • Organization of time and resources
  • Cooperation in working with other
  • Utilize support network and resources

Individually Tailored Learning

  • Matrix Academy creates and reinforces a culture of achievement and support. Knowing that every student is different, we personalize the learning experience based on each individual student’s needs, skills, and interests.
  • We offer a safe environment where everyone knows each other, encouraging community and growth within the school’s setting.
  • Grade improvement is to be expected with the tailored inspire and organize style of self-evaluation. By seeing what went wrong, right steps can be taught in order to inspire change, and then new pathways of organization are made going forward.

We expect our students to cultivate self-awareness, self-love, and a clear purpose along personalized pathways for social-emotional development. Students foster and maintain positive relationships with themselves, their peers, adults and the community in Matrix’s classrooms and hallways. Through exploring interests, practicing talents, and engaging in passions with real-world examples, innovation is placed at the core of our learning experience.

Student’s role / responsibilities

  • Self-assess their readiness to learn and desire to progress
  • Define their learning goals and develop a learning and accountability agreement with their advising instructor
  • Monitors their learning process, triumphs and challenges alike
  • Take initiative for all stages of the learning process by choosing to be self-motivated
  • Re-evaluate, make adjustments and alter goals as required during period of study
  • Consult their advising instructor and counselors ass required
  • Engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation honestly regarding their learning goals
  • Seek feedback from trusted others

Strength of Character

  • Success in life depends on more than academic learning. Students develop and foster character strengths that are essential for their success by empowering the idea that they can safely express their opinions to improve their circumstance. By learning the best ways to use their voice, communication skills that will serve them through life are learned.
  • Matrix staff truly cares about each student, which goes a long way in shaping the character of an individual throughout high school. Strengths are identified so that practice can be applied, and encouragement is given to do the work to improve where help is needed.
  • Students are taught to use time as a resource, by learning how manage the hours of day to be the most effective in their experience. Students also focus on developing their study habits, understand their preferences, and identify their rhythm and unique voice.