Matrix Teachers

Highly Qualified, Committed & Compassionate

Matrix for Success Academy makes every effort to ensure the instructional staff are committed to the mission of educating and serving ALL STUDENTS with equity. Our staff is passionate about creating SUCCESSFUL learning opportunities with real life supports based on the needs of each student. Small class sizes ensure each student is given one on one attention, guidance and mentorship from each teacher.

Creating Successful Opportunities for All Students.

Matrix teachers and administrators participate in extensive training to ensure that they are prepared to fully address Common Core Standards and University of California (a-g) requirements. Following the Diploma Plus model, all students are taught using real-world applications for their learning.

The program is designed to ensure students understand the “real world” connections, between their at-school learning and their own everyday experiences of living. By engaging the student’s natural curiosity and desire for meaning, school becomes a tool for achievement through critical thinking. Integrating practical mindsets with creative ideas enables the achievement of their goals, by feeling empowered as an individual. This Matrix framework of learning gives the student the motivation they need to believe that they CAN succeed, by teaching them HOW to succeed.

Following the Diploma Plus Model, students are taught using real-world examples and scenarios to ensure understanding. Matrix Academy teachers and administrators participate in extensive training regularly to ensure that they are prepared to fully address Common Core Standards and University of California (a-g) requirements.

Great schools require great educators

Our hiring process for Matrix employees begins with communicating the commitment required, as every employee is trained on the mission and vision of the school along with the paradigm shift of not just being an employee but an advocate for every student.

Our teachers and staff invest in leadership and professional development. Our teachers help make sure the skills students will gain align with their career goals.

Creating a memorable learning experience demands attention, requires skill and effort.

Matrix teachers are committed to actualizing every student’s potential by connecting students’ purpose, talents, passions and interests to their learning experiences.

They encourage students to explore interests, talents, and passions in real-world settings, placing innovation at the core of our learning experience.

Leading the learning process for each student means meeting students at their individual level.

Our Teachers’ Role

While self reflection is important, it is always useful to receive feedback from someone who knows you and how you work.  Our teachers strive to:

  • Create a cooperative learning experience for each student
  • Help motivate and direct learning progress
  • Facilitate students’ initiatives for learning
  • Be available for consultations as needed by the student

Matrix facilitates self directed learning. Independent learning and adaptive online learning software augment teacher-led instruction and allow students to utilize time as a resource in order to develop ownership of their learning experiences and demonstrate mastery in order to advance. A carefully orchestrated/ calibrated instructional method is made possible through robust and regular data streams that map precisely where students need support to achieve mastery - from concept acquisition all the way through practice and repetition.