Academic Program

our Academic model doesn’t have age-based grades. Instead it has three phases –  Foundation, Presentation, and, Plus. The Foundation phase is focused on getting students skills up to 10th grade level as many start with gaps in skills as far back as 4th or 5th grade. Split Presentation Phase into two sections as students were coming from so far behind and needed a sense of progress. Presentation is focused on helping students build up a portfolio of the work emphasizing performance tasks and assessments. Students in the Plus Phase participate in internships, college courses, and community action projects in order to support their successful transition to life after high school.


High School
Grade 9

Matrix students are introduced to the rigors of A-G courses. An individual Graduation Plan is developed together with students, parents, and counselor.

During the Each semester, students will review their graduation plans with their counselor.Foundation Phase students will engage in rigorous inter-curricular project-based learning, and receive a solid foundation in academics that will help prepare them for post-secondary options.

Introductions to College and Career planning during this phase will allow students to focus on the big picture of their college and/or career plans as they move onto the Presentation Phase.


High school
Grades 10 & 11

The Presentation Phase builds on academic content and skill attainment. Content is richer and rigorous as students conduct college and career assessments

Grade 10.

Academic achievement during this phase is crucial as colleges look closely at a student’s academic achievements in this phase. Individual Graduation Plans are reviewed to ensure that students are stay on track with all A-G requirements.

Students will take assessments to further learn about their academic and career strengths. Students will be given the opportunity enroll in an after-school community college course.

Grade 11

Students must pass the CAHSEE, take the PSAT.

Academic content is richer and more rigorous as students conduct purposeful college and career “Shadowing” projects.

Students will take the PSAT in the fall semester and and other assessments to further learn about their academic and career strengths. Students will enroll in a community college course.

Presentation Plus

High School
Grade 12

During the PLUS phase, students continue to build on content and skills from previous phases, while finalizing their final portfolio presentation.

Students shift their focus to in- depth specific college and/or career exploration projects by participating in an Internship, and completing a college course or career technical training course of study. Students will have met the A-G requirements by the end of the Plus Phase, opening the doors to the CSU, UC and private university systems.

Students will take the SAT or ACT to continue to assess their academic and content growth and have the opportunity to apply to universities.

All students are enrolled in a Success Seminar course to further personalize their education and prepare them for their Formal Portfolio Presentations /Exhibitions.