Matrix College Center

Planning for College?

Matrix Academy is pleased to provide all students access to test preparation, college searches, a scholarship search, financial aid tools, a career assessment, and a resume builder--all in one location and totally free! Students will also get a personalized to do list that will guide them through the planning process. Even 9th grade students can get a head start. By mapping out what steps to take and understanding the stages of the process, each student is taught the tools they need to be equipped for a successful college experience. Matrix Academy prides itself on helping each student create futures that will fit with their natural abilities, skills, talents and intelligence types. A focused path forward allows the college experience to be possible for every student, if they want it.

On the left hand side of this page is a variety of links to pages with important information for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.

Take some time to read and learn about what students must consider during their high school years and how to plan for college. Communication with parents, counselors and teachers is crucial, as well as the college counselor, who is a great resource to double check 4 year graduation plans. Not only do these people offer support, but they also help students to better understand how to achieve their goals, step by step. Matrix holds its students accountable through compassion and care, because we want our students to go far.

Eligibility for College

Parents and students should be aware that completion of the A-G requirements does not guarantee admission to a university. A student’s grade point average and test scores will also factor into admissions decisions. In order to be competitive, students should plan to take higher levels of courses that exceed the A-G requirements. Students should consult their counselor for guidance in this area. Parents and students can log onto to see a list of A-G courses offered at each high school.

Various essays are required by some schools to demonstrate why a student wishes to attend, and to help them stand out. Matrix helps its students learn self-awareness and real-world comparisons in lessons so that they are capable of handling all of the tests and tasks required in the process of applying to and being accepted in to college.