Working everyday to engage our students to become active learners. Assist in developing their own unique voice. Form real and meaningful relationships with all our students, including their parents. This connection enables the social-emotional quality needed for a healthy learning experience.

Current School Agenda

We help create opportunities for students to pursue a wider range of interests than is possible in a traditional school setting with a predefined curriculum, a fixed schedule, and an inability to meet the needs and interest of individuals. We ensure that public education works for all students and that they experience a smooth transition from high school to college.

It is people not programs that make a difference in a student's life.

Our teachers and staff are committed to our students’ success in their academic careers and lives. The road to Success is not an easy one to travel sometimes, but here at Matrix you are never alone. We want our students and their parents to know that we're family and, together, through effective communication, dreams are possible.

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Providing the same rigorous education private schools offer

with greater flexibility, allowing students to study on their time, at their own pace and combine online and onsite support on their terms.

Competency Based Education

Matrix is a competency-based school, where student skill acquisition is the priority. Here students take assessments to gauge their progress in mastering the rigorous curriculum. They can review a given topic as many times as they want to until they understand the material. Teachers use effective instructional practices and social and emotional support. Our model is designed to engage student learning based on an individual's academic needs through intervention and enrichment.

Family like environment

We believe a turnaround occurs as the social-emotional needs of the student begin to be met through counseling and provision  of wrap-around services, allowing  our students to connect with the  concept of family.

Competency Based Instruction

is an instructional strategy, where students decide what and how they’ll learn, taking ownership of their learning experience with guidance from the teacher using rubrics designed to measure a student’s skills, ability, personality traits that identify evidence of mastery.

Flexible Learning Schedule

At Matrix, students work independently, rather than in a traditional classroom setting. Students have the choice of whether to be on site to work on assessments, allowing them to work from anywhere, and schedule times and dates to meet with a teacher for individualized support.

Technology based System

Our school is designed to allow students to access their curriculum online at any time of the day from wherever they are. Students, parents, and teachers partner to create a class schedule that respects and meets the needs of students.

College & Career Readiness

College readiness at Matrix, unlike at most schools, is more than just having students take A-G requirements. It’s about ensuring each student has thoroughly explored school and major life options and has access to resources like SAT/ACT prep and even help find money for college through grants and scholarships.

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