About Matrix for Success


In an environment designed to promote success for every student, Matrix graduates students with a diploma that prepares them for the academic rigors of college or for career, through an individualized educational experience woven together with a focus on the social-emotional well-being of each individual.


Our vision is to move students out of the cycle of poverty by meeting the individual learning and social/emotional needs of each student and equipping them with an academic and post-secondary plan designed uniquely for him or her, all within an environment where success develops, is fostered, and nurtured for every student.

Matrix for Success Academy is a charter high school that prepares students to take charge of their future. Led by a group of visionary leaders, teachers and parents, the Matrix community has created a powerful learning environment in which all students are able to thrive.

Matrix operates as an independent study non-classroom based alternative school. In addition, Matrix provides on-site access to wrap-around services and other necessary supports to ensure vulnerable youth have a one-stop shop to meet all their needs.

We are staffed by:

  • fully credentialed core subject teachers
  • a career and employment counselor
  • a guidance/college counselor
  • a psychiatric social worker

Personalized, Individual Paths to Graduation:

For each student, daily schedules are defined in their Personal Support Plan.  Students have access to a fully staffed, resource-rich, compassionate one-stop shop solely dedicated to ensuring every student has a clear path to graduation and enrollment in college or trade program. The programs designed for each student take into consideration where students are in terms of their skills and credits and creates individual plans to help them advance and graduate based on a pace that is meaningful in the context of their lives.